Canada backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting

17-Jun-2017 10:24

Can you share with us what insight you have as to whether or not that in fact took place? Jay Lebo: I worked on a couple of consulting projects for third party clients on behalf of the company, and when I was doing work that was being paid for by third parties, I logged my time so that the company could recoup it. Frank Klees: Okay, and of course everyone at Ornge in the executive suite at least knew full well what your time was being focused on and at no time were you ever asked to log that time so that it could be charged back; is that right? I was the project manager and author for that agreement. Frank Klees: And who would have given you those specific assignments? But everything in the report really comes from their minds, not from mine. Frank Klees: Do you recall what the value of that report was? It was, I believe, in the neighbourhood of 0,000 to 0,000. Then we shall move to the opposition for questioning to begin with, Mr. When I discovered through the media that in fact that was not the case, that’s when it became clear to me that at the very least, if nothing else, at least a portion of my salary was used to pursue avenues for private benefit. Frank Klees: We’ve heard testimony here that any dollar amount that may have been paid to Ornge employees through Ornge and they were doing work for for-profits would be charged back. Finally, there was a consulting project to the government of Nunavut which was similar to the Saskatchewan project but on a smaller scale. So they made their observations, they made the recommendations and analysis, and I crafted the report. (5) That the committee meet in camera to discuss report writing.

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And actually, that’s what I was going to suggest, that we put in a time frame. With some witnesses we’ve had difficulty getting them here, including the Premier himself. I wasn’t eager to be here, but I’ve been following this committee’s investigation into what happened at Ornge. Could I ask you, then, to perhaps give us an idea of what some of those questions are, and if we could, perhaps—as someone who was on the inside at Ornge, you have a sensitivity. I do want to make it clear that there are a lot of things of which I don’t have any first-hand knowledge. Frank Klees: I’d like to just follow up on the Saskatchewan report. While I was there, I heard some talk about the weight upgrades. The details of the marketing agreement I think came after I left the organization. Frank Klees: As a senior aide, you would be very close to discussions that Chris Mazza was having. Did you ever become privy to or overhear conversations relating to this?