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Also, visit -- there are a few Duluth social groups on there. People are idiots for not dating these amazing people.Claire is also right, the "hanging out" and "hooking up" crowd does tend to miss out on a lot in their relationships, mainly a future. This species can be segmented further into a wild child, a homebody or a slacker.I think I see what Mac was trying to say although he was not a wordsmith with his English. Dating is fun, try to relax and get out there, talk to people.Dating in Duluth is tough since most of the younger people leave town after college and there is not much to keep them here when they do graduate and might be single. Yes you're going to have awkward moments, yes you're going to need to spend some dollars (both gals and guys), yes you're probably going to need a little haircut-n-wardrobe upgrade.A guy my age has to sort through a lot of the younger girls in search of their M. It is nice to commiserate with you all for a moment but I'm getting off my computer and going out skiing today, maybe I'll see you on the trails?=) Kite boarding, Tai Chi at that universal church on Superior St 45?

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Looking for a date is like looking for money on the sidewalk -- sometimes you get lucky, but most of the time there's just dog poop.We all know the talk about how hard it is to find jobs up here so maybe that is part of the problem. Leave your crappy attitude and insecurities at the door and just show people who you are.We need to get more jobs to generate more dates or at least try to keep some of the younger crowd in town longer so there at least is a dateable pool. There are people out there but they're not going to come knocking on your door. While the scene IS tough, it takes being involved and allowing yourself to "forget" that you are in search or a relationship so you can just be yourself and not stress about perceptions of others. degree (the ones who feel that marriage is a crucial next step to life after school) to find a deep and authentic relationship-but that is all part of the fun.Everyone likes to be flattered, complimented or feel they are attractive to others, so if you meet or see someone who interests you, introduce yourself and say something nice. If you are new to Duluth and/or a busy working professional consider a paid online service such as Heated garages, big screen televisions, robot dating, shag carpeting, F'n Twitter. Going to all the social activities is not always successful. I've spent many years being single, by choice, while I built my career and raised my kids. Every one of the posters (myself included) expressing their frustration is clearly a lazy, un-motivated, sorry SOB who deserves to be single. Self-employed for most of my career life in a position that requires much social interaction, race director for an event where I'm exposed to 2000 people in a two week time frame, volunteer, on (80% scary), attend most university hockey games, coach, live-music scene follower....

Many of my busy friends have met their partners online. It's soooo easy to pick up somebody in a bar in this town. 'You screwed my girlfriend so I'm going to drop you from my Facebook page! Now I find being single and successful in Duluth is not a recipe for instant dates, especially over 40. yep, I clearly am not doing jack shit and have no business calling the Duluth dating scene dismal.Avoid Craigslist, Yahoo personal ads and other free ads because they are full of weirdos. I went to a small women's college in the early '80s -- which was a mile away from a small men's college. Could you tell us more about how awesome you are so we can aspire to be like you. I wasn't calling out anyone in particular except those who fail to get out in the public sphere and do things.