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Irony and a certain eye-rolling sarcasm borrowed from teen-girl movies spanning from is our particular gay-male suit of armor, from the gentle sort to the overtly bitchy. I envy the fact that straight men at the gym, presumably free of sexual tension, can converse freely in the locker room, even while towel-drying their privates alongside each other.

The disco-pumping locker room of my 98 percent gay gym has all the freewheeling bonhomie of a state funeral in the former Soviet Union.

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View the full list For years, friendships between straight women and gay men have been a subject of pop culture fascination.

Often, I feel more myself with them — or at least some seldom-accessed part of myself I can’t quite name — than I do with gay male or femalefriends. Of course, as gay men, we can find ourselves in a sort of gender-politics netherworld.

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(He didn’t like it; we were both more partial to jazz and the Blake Babies in Ever since, I’ve not painted straight men with one brush; this is New York City, after all, and in my 25 years here I’ve met, and sometimes befriended, some of the smartest, most gifted, funniest, sweetest, and most thoughtful straight men on the planet. These are still the gut reactions we have when we hear the monolithic “straight men.” And that means that both straight men and gay men have a long way togo.

I think I’ve always kind of watched them to try to decode them — first so I could figure out how to be one of them, and then, after I realized I couldn’t, to try to understand what they’relike.” I’m with M. I note the extent to which a certain gentle uptalk — whose increase among women has been, um, widely noted?