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25-Jul-2017 09:48

In all, information derived using the methods and techniques of archeology, geomorphology, physical anthropology, sedimentology, and other scientific disciplines support this determination.

Our determination that the Kennewick skeletal remains are "Native American" is based upon the scientific information that we have available.

8-10 weeks) with routine precision: £315 ( VAT) per sample for batches of up to 9 samples.

£305 ( VAT) per sample for batches of 10-39 samples.

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A variety of additional scientific information support this chronological placement and determination.

As defined in NAGPRA, "Native American" refers to human remains and cultural items relating to tribes, peoples, or cultures that resided within the area now encompassed by the United States prior to the historically documented arrival of European explorers, irrespective of when a particular group may have begun to reside in this area, and, irrespective of whether some or all of these groups were or were not culturally affiliated or biologically related to present-day Indian tribes.

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