Ukraine dating website scams

17-Jan-2018 07:34

What you might have noticed is that most Ukrainian dating services do not measure up to the very basic standards in the last section. No matter how short the skirt and high the heels, though, Ukrainian women are very much interested in a serious relationship and marriage.Marriage agencies would often ask for payment by direct transfer. They seek a life partner, someone mature and ready for stability. Sadly, statistics show that men in Ukraine are fewer than women (around 84 men for every 100 women), they drink and smoke to an excess, and they are often unemployed or don’t get paid enough to support a family.Sadly, there is zero control from Ukrainian law enforcement against these scammers.If anything, officials are sometimes involved in the whole thing, be it directly or through corruption.

Third-wave feminists, impossible standards, and Western women’s fear of commitment are all to blame here.Typically, these scammers live on the customer flow, so smell a rat will not be difficult.All messages in this case are stereotyped, they do not change and are not personalized to the victim.For instance, anyone who demands money to sign you up is a fraud. The other thing to look out for is how you pay for your membership.

Reputable companies let you get a taste of the service before they ask for payment. There are some pages which offer a suspiciously low price if you send the money by Western Union (or a similar service). Finally, sharing bank details outside a secured page is a huge no-no. If you are paying by card, make sure the page has the relevant security certificates (like this site!

The dating scene in Ukraine is very much like hunting for the odd one who can actually handle a serious relationship.